Industrial assembly systems and tools

We offer solutions for assembly lines or screwdriving processes for industrial assembly.

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NOM 036

Optimized workstations

We know that the most important resource of any company is the staff, therefore, all our projects and tools are characterized by their ergonomic functionalities to avoid tiredness and fatigue, thus facilitating the workflows of your collaborators in the plant.


Risk prevention

  • We design aluminum cranes and workstations to facilitate material handling.
  • We provide and adapt reaction arms to avoid accidents due to torque.
  • We avoid fatigue from the use of high vibration power tools.
Holman. Optimized workstations

Automatic assembly tools

We have a complete catalog of specialized machinery for automatic assembly tasks, multi spindle and automatic torque.

  • Multi spindle
  • Automatic torque
  • Screw feeder
  • Robotic torque
  • Ensembles High torque up to 1,700 Nm
  • Poka yoke Assembly
Holman. Automatic assembly tools

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